What do you want to do when you come to Iwate?

Iwate Prefecture is located in the middle of "Northern Japan" surrounded by rich nature. It is not only rich in delicious foods due to the blessings of the sea and mountains, only also a prefecture with a deep history in the Tohoku region that has the only world cultural heritage.On the first day of your trip, enjoy the scenic beauty of Japan at Jodogahama, which is said to be "only like the paradise of pure paradise (Gokuraku-Jodo)," and enjoy Iwate!

Who is this pass for?

The "Iwate Area Pass" is a round-trip passport for foreign visitors to Japan that allows you to take advantage of the buses, trains, and rental cars required for a round-trip in Iwate Prefecture.You can get unlimited rides on specified vehicles during the fixed period, and if you show your passport, you can get a coupon that can be used at a discounted rate at affiliated facilities.

Model Course

There are various ways to enjoy the sights of Iwate Prefecture. In this corner, we introduce a great tour course using "Iwate Area Pass".If you enjoy the way to enjoy Iwate on the model course, it would be fun to find your own way to enjoy using Iwate Area Pass!

3-day course

≪Iwate trip 4 days using Tigerair Tiwan≫

Regular amount 7,430yen
Iwate Area Pass 5,000yen

If you use an Iwate Area Pass ticket, you can enjoy it for 2430 yen and 5000yen.

5-day course

≪5 days trip to Iwate over World Cultural Heritage≫

Regular amount 12,380yen
Iwate Area Pass 6,000yen

If you use an Iwate Area Pass ticket, you can enjoy it for 6,380 yen and 6,000yen.

7-day course

≪A full-scale trip for 7 days to enjoy the vast Iwate≫
( In preparation )

Travel cost ・・・・・
Iwate Area Pass ・・・・・


how to use

How to buy Iwate Area Pass

  1. You can purchase it at a terminal installed at a convenience store in Japan.
  2. You can also purchase online from the link below.

how to use

"Iwate Area Pass" can be exchanged for "Iwate Area Pass" by presenting the voucher issued at the season of purchase at the following window and your passport at the window.

Exchange place

"Morioka Stationfront Information Center (Iwateken Kotsu)
7:45am - 6:00pm
"Morioka Stationfront Information Center (Iwate Kenpoku Bus)
7:45am - 6:00pm
IGR Morioka Station
5:30am - 10:50pm
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Iwate, Morioka Station South Exit
8:00am - 8:30pm
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Iwate, Ninohe Station Shinkansen Exit
8:00am - 7:00pm
Hanamaki Airport Information Center
7:15am - 7:30pm

Available Routes

Iwateken Kotsu Co., Ltd.

  • ① Morioka Station / Hanamaki Kuko Station-Hanamaki Airport Line
  • ② Dennden-Mushi, Morioka City Loop Bus
  • ③ Seinan Loop 200
  • ④ Runrun, Hiraizumi Loop Bus
  • ⑤ Morioka Kamaishi Line (Morioka-Tono-Kamaishi)
  • ⑥ Morioka Ofunato Line (Morioka-Tono-Ofunato)
  • ⑦ Ichinoseki Ofunato Line (Ichinoseki-Senmaya-Rikuzentakata-Ofunato)"

Northern Iwate Transportation Inc.

  • ⑧106 Express Bus (Morioka Station-Miyako Station-Jodogahama Park Hotel)
  • ⑨ Sendai Airport / Matsushima / Hiraizumi / Hanamaki Line

JR Bus Tohoku

  • ⑪ Swallow Bus (Ninohe Station-Kuji Station)
  • ⑫ Shirakaba Bus (Morioka Station-Kuzumaki-Kuji Station)
  • ⑬ Hayasaka Kogen Line (Morioka Station-Iwaizumi / Ryusendo Cave)

IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway

  • ⑭ Whole lines (Morioka Station-Metoki Station)

Sanriku Railway

  • ⑮ Rias Line (Kuji Station-Sakari Station) * Opening March 23, 2019

Toyota Rent-A-Lease Iwate [option usage]

  • Locations
    (13 locations (Morioka, Morioka Station, Mitake, Tsushida, Ninohe Station, Hanamaki, Kitakami, Mizusawa, Ichinoseki, Ichinoseki Station, Miyako, Kamaishi, Ofunato)

Transportation rules

There are rules for getting on and off the transportation (bus / train) that can be used with  Iwate Area Pass.Make the journey more enjoyable by adhering to the proper rules for getting on and off!


These are tools foreign visitors use a lot to gather better information and help. You can rely on helps to have a good time in Iwate!

JNTO Tourist Information Center

JNTO responds to telephone inquiries 24 hours per day, in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


NHK World Japan【English】

A 24-hour English language channel that delivers the latest news from Japan and Asia.Can be used as an English source of information during major disasters such as earthquake or typhoon.


JNTO Official Smartphone App

【4 languages, including English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Japan Official Travel App, a tourist information app that provides disaster information such as earthquake early warning, and special weather warnings.


Safety Tips, the Disaster Information App

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Safety Tips app provides disaster related information to visitors to Japan. The app can be downloaded from the following URL.

Google Play で手に入れよう

List of medical institutions that accommodate foreign national visitors to Japan

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Medical institutions that can provide medical services in foreign languages, searchable by medical department and corresponding language.


Medical Information Guidebook

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Publishing information on how Japanese medical institutions work, as well as a conversation sheet that can be used to convey symptoms by pointing.


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