What is Iwate Area Pass

The "Iwate Area Pass" is a round-trip passport for foreign visitors to Japan that allows you to take advantage of the buses, trains, and rental cars required for a round-trip in Iwate Prefecture.
You can get unlimited rides on specified vehicles during the fixed period, and if you show your passport, you can get a coupon that can be used at a discounted rate at affiliated facilities.
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How to buy Iwate Area Pass

  1. You can purchase it at a terminal installed at a convenience store in Japan.
  2. You can also purchase online from the link below.

5 steps to get a present

  1. Before using your Iwate Area Pass, fill in your name and the expiration date, and have it officially stamped.
  2. When using transportation, show the driver your Iwate Area Pass. (When getting off a bus, and when getting both on and off of a train)
  3. Show your Iwate Area Pass to receive discounts or rewards.
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  4. Fill in the "Travel Diary" section on the last page with a black ballpoint pen.(Do not use pencil)
  5. If you fill in the diary section and bring it back to an exchange counter, you'll receive a wonderful gift.

Lots of benefits! List of Iwate Area Pass partner facilities

You can receive benefits at facilities and restaurants.

How to redeem awards

Please show the "discount page" at the target facility.Ask them to fill in the date of use in the column of the target facility in exchange for the privilege.

Vehicle rental special benefits

Toyota Rent-A-Lease Iwate You can get benefits by renting a vehicle in Iwate.


These are tools foreign visitors use a lot to gather better information and help. You can rely on helps to have a good time in Iwate!

JNTO Tourist Information Center

JNTO responds to telephone inquiries 24 hours per day, in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


NHK World Japan【English】

A 24-hour English language channel that delivers the latest news from Japan and Asia.Can be used as an English source of information during major disasters such as earthquake or typhoon.


JNTO Official Smartphone App

【4 languages, including English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Japan Official Travel App, a tourist information app that provides disaster information such as earthquake early warning, and special weather warnings.


Safety Tips, the Disaster Information App

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Safety Tips app provides disaster related information to visitors to Japan. The app can be downloaded from the following URL.

Google Play で手に入れよう

List of medical institutions that accommodate foreign national visitors to Japan

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Medical institutions that can provide medical services in foreign languages, searchable by medical department and corresponding language.


Medical Information Guidebook

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Publishing information on how Japanese medical institutions work, as well as a conversation sheet that can be used to convey symptoms by pointing.


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