Model course

There are various ways to enjoy the sights of Iwate Prefecture. In this corner, we introduce a great tour course using "Iwate Area Pass".If you enjoy the way to enjoy Iwate on the model course, it would be fun to find your own way to enjoy using Iwate Area Pass!

5day course

Regular amount 12,380yen
Iwate Area Pass 9,420yen

If you use an Iwate Area Pass ticket, you can enjoy it for 3000 yen and 9420yen.


Bullet train

Around noon Arrival
at Morioka Station
Walk around Morioka City

② Bus / Morioka City Circulation Bus "Dendenmushi" Iwate Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Stay in Morioka city
Morioka Station

⑭ Train / IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway

Ninohe Station

Fixed-route bus

Kunohe Castle

Kunohe Castle is a Hirayama castle built on a vast land of about 360,000 square meters, and was built by Mr. Kunohe, who is famous as the elite of the Nanbu family. Mr. Kunohe, who continues to expand in power, confronts the originator of Nanbu family because of inheritance dispute. Later, a rebellion called "Kunohe Masazane no Ran" was launched. The battle taken place in the Kunohe castle, only it was eventually suppressed by Hideyoshi Toyotomi who was trying to unify the world. You can see the remains of Ishigaki, which is now a historical park and is said to be the oldest in Tohoku, and the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

Fixed-route bus

Ninohe Station

Fixed-route bus

Ichinohe Town Goshono Jomon Park

The Goshono site is believed to have been settled by people in the middle Jomon period (4200 to 5000 years ago) for about 800 years. It is now a park, and in addition to the pit dwellings and stone circles of those days, there is also a "Jomon Forest" where you can enjoy the rich nature of the four seasons. At the Goshono Jomon Museum in the park, you can enjoy various excavated items and enjoy powerful projection mapping that reproduces the life of the Jomon period.

Fixed-route bus

Ninohe Station

⑪ Bus / JR Bus Tohoku "Swallow" JR Bus Tohoku Co., Ltd.

Kuji Station


[Hotel] Stay at Kuji city

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How to buy Iwate Area Pass

  1. You can purchase it at a terminal installed at a convenience store in Japan.
  2. You can also purchase online from the link below.


These are tools foreign visitors use a lot to gather better information and help. You can rely on helps to have a good time in Iwate!

JNTO Tourist Information Center

JNTO responds to telephone inquiries 24 hours per day, in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


NHK World Japan【English】

A 24-hour English language channel that delivers the latest news from Japan and Asia.Can be used as an English source of information during major disasters such as earthquake or typhoon.

JNTO Official Smartphone App

【4 languages, including English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Japan Official Travel App, a tourist information app that provides disaster information such as earthquake early warning, and special weather warnings.

Safety Tips, the Disaster Information App

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

The Safety Tips app provides disaster related information to visitors to Japan. The app can be downloaded from the following URL.

Google Play で手に入れよう

List of medical institutions that accommodate foreign national visitors to Japan

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Medical institutions that can provide medical services in foreign languages, searchable by medical department and corresponding language.

Medical Information Guidebook

【5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean】

Publishing information on how Japanese medical institutions work, as well as a conversation sheet that can be used to convey symptoms by pointing.

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