When in trouble

In order to enjoy the "Iwate" trip, we would like to introduce the tools that foreign tourists visiting Japan use to gather information. Also, please use it in the event of a disaster, accident or illness.

JNTO Tourist Information Center

JNTO responds to terephone inquires 24 hours per day, in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


NHK World JAPAN [English]

A 24-hour English language channel that delivers the latest news from Japan and Asia. Can be used as an English source of information during major disasters such as earthquake or typhoon.


JNTO Official Smartphone App

The Japan Official Travel App, a tourist information app that provides disaster information such as earthquake early warning, and special weather warnings.


Safety Tips, the Disaster Information App

[5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean]

The Safety Tips app provides disaster related information to visitors to Japan. You can download the application from the icon below.

Google Play で手に入れよう

List of medical institutions that can accommodate foreign national visitors to Japan

Medical institutions that can provide medical services in foreign languages, searchable by medical department and corresponding language.


Medical Information: Guidebook

[Support 6 languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean]

Publishing information on how Japanese medical institutions wark, as well as a conversation sheet that can be used to convey symptoms by pointing.


Term of use :

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JAF Road Service Official Homepage

For car troubles such as rental cars, please rely on JAF. JAF provides road services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at locations throughout a nationwide network.